Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mars, Moon and Venus

Last night we could see three celestial bodies in the evening sky. In the upper left corner you see a small bright dot, that's planet Mars. Then to the right of the crescent moon you can see planet Venus. This photo was taken just after sunset when the Sun lit up the higher clouds in a very beautiful way. On the horizon you can see the mountains being covered by really low clouds.

I really love these close encounters in our solar system, I get such a strong presence of us sitting on a planet orbiting a star together with the other planets.

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Mars, Moon and Venus in the evening sky.

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1 comment:

  1. Afortunado aquel que tuvo el cielo despejado o casi...
    Por aquí, por Madrid, las nieblas de última hora mataron...la "estrella de la radio" :))´
    Fantástica foto, con esa luna entrometida entre los amores de (a)Marte a Venus; interrumpiendo lo que nos decía la mitología sobre ese instante...
    Salud, Libertad y buen año para ustedes
    Ojalá :)´


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