Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Hidden City

Last night there were a very thick fog covering the city of Östersund. In this photo you can see the fog lit up from beneath by the city lights. It's very interesting to see all the different colors from different type of light sources.

One of the most known landmarks of Östersund is Rådhuset (City hall) and you can see the tower/spire of that building sticking up through the fog in center of the photo.


  1. Great perspective, colors! Keep warm!

  2. How a work of abstract art; so is his photograph. And I think of great artistic sense that not everyone can or know convey.
    [I do not have much idea of English, but this is what I can write]
    An excellent photo (how often expose all), considering that you are a professional and knowledgeable and I'm just an amateur.

    Cómo una obra de arte abstracta; así es su fotografía. Y me parece de gran sentido artístico que no toda la gente puede o sabe transmitir.
    [No tengo mucha idea de inglés, pero esto es lo que sé escribir]
    Una foto excelente (cómo todas las que suele exponer), teniendo en cuenta que usted es un profesional y experto y yo sólo soy un aficionado.


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