Thursday, August 14, 2014

Solar Superstorms

Finally I'm able to share some news about one of my biggest ongoing projects. It's a upcoming movie production called Solar Superstorms, a movie about our closest star, the Sun.

It's produced by Spitz Incorporated (USA), the world's leading projection dome supplier. They specializes in planetarium theaters, projection domes, architectural domes and custom immersive theater attractions. They also offer the industry's most comprehensive fulldome show library.

Spitz partners in this project are Thomas Lucas Productions ( and the Advanced Visualization Laboratory at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (

My task in this project is to deliver several different scenes of the Sun and some of the affects it has on Earth. I'll start shooting in the coming weeks so exciting times ahead. I'll also keep you posted on my progress and hopefully be able to share some behind the scenes footage of my ongoing work.

Solar Superstorms is scheduled for launch early in 2015. You can read more about the movie in the attached image.

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