Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tribute to Arthur C. Clarke

Denna bild skall ses som en hyllning till Arthur C. Clarke som var en enormt duktig science fiction-författare. Jag har läst många av hans böcker och en av hans bestseller är 2001 – Ett rymdäventyr som också filmatiserades 1968 med Stanley Kubrick som regissör. Denna minnessten i månsken liknade den monolit som förekommer i filmen, ett mystiskt föremål som besitter mystiska krafter. Har ni inte sett filmen så gör det!


This picture should be seen as a tribute to Arthur C. Clarke was a hugely talented science fiction author. I've read several of his books and one of his best selling books is 2001: A Space Odyssey which also was adapted for the screen in 1968 with Stanley Kubrick as director. This memorial stone, lit by the Moon, looked very similar to a monolith that is featured in the film, a mysterious object that possesses mysterious powers. If you haven't seen the film, do so!


  1. Love that movie and this foto is Perfect! Have a Great day, Mary

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