söndag 29 mars 2015

Exhibition with photos for sale

Yesterday my new exhibition premiered in Badhusparken Östersund Sweden. It runs for a week and features 8 photos each with a size of 2,4 x 2,4 meters. All of the photos can be bought by bidding and the money goes to charity (Bassestiftelsen). Starting price is 2000 SEK. To place a bid or for further information, send an email to yran@storsjoyran.se.

Below you can see all the photos that are on display are for sale.

torsdag 19 mars 2015

Total Eclipse on Faroe Islands

Here's my first report from Faroe Island.

I arrived to the islands yesterday afternoon and I instantly fell in love with this place. The scenery here is just out of this world. I'm having a hard time taking in all this beauty and to think that on top of all this, there will be a total solar eclipse is just to good to be true.

Here are some photos from day one.

torsdag 12 mars 2015

Lunar green and blue flash

Last week I was out to shoot the moon rise above the mountains, the day after full moon, so the moon was 99% lit at the time. When I got back home and looked through my photos I found that in one of the photos I found some green and blue flashes. I've never seen them above the moon before, only above the Sun. Here's a image sequence I took of green and blue flashes from the Sun - http://blogg.astrofotografen.se/2012/06/gron-blixt.html

onsdag 11 mars 2015

Rare bird Aurora Heron

While preparing my upcoming exhibition (March 28 here in Östersund, Sweden) I was going through some old photos and found this all sky photo of the beautiful aurora that was visible on March 17 in 2013. While looking at it I realized it actually looks like a big Heron flying in the sky.

I also did a transformed version of the image and then it looks like the Heron is sitting down, looking at the moon and planet Jupiter.

Here you can watch a time lapse movie from that awesome night, a night I remember very well.

måndag 9 mars 2015

Preparing solar filters for total solar eclipse

Today I've been preparing a couple of solar filters for two of my tele lenses. With these two filters I'm able to shoot the Sun in white light during the eclipse on March 20.

I will continuously report from my preparation and during my trip so follow me here on my blog, Twitter or Instagram for the latest updates.

torsdag 26 februari 2015

Two Face Moon

Last night the moon was half, 50% lit by the Sun. I decided to try and capture the two sides of a half moon, both the dark side and the bright (visual) half. This image is a composite image of several exposures that show the entire moon as it looked yesterday, not only the visible half. The colors are real and enhanced to be more visible.

The two bright dots down to the left are two stars. The brightest one (HIP20877) has a magnitude of 4.93 and the fainter one (TYC1265-499-1) magnitude 8.18.

söndag 22 februari 2015

Fly me to the moon

Last night there was a beautiful crescent moon hanging over the island of Frösön. The dark side of the moon is visible because it's lit by whats called earthlight, that's light from the Sun being reflected from Earth onto the moon.

Down to the right of the moon you can see two bright spots just above the treeline, that's planet Venus and Mars. Venus is the brighter one and Mars is a little bit fainter. You can also see that Mars is more red in it's color. Quite amazing that you're able to see the colors of the planets at a focal length of only 24 mm.

The light streaks through the image is a helicopter that flew by during my exposure.

torsdag 19 februari 2015

Chasing Aurora

If read my last post Dreaming of Aurora you can read about the story behind this movie. This is my first try with real time aurora filming and I learnt a lot during the late hours of this cold night. It was almost pitch black so I'm very impressed that the camera manages to pick up so much data in the aurora. You can find some still photos in the end of the movie that was shot while filming.